Advertising Solutions

Advertising Options

Xpedient Network websites service thousands of online consumers who read our websites regularly. With a blend of breaking news, editorial insight, blogs, regional information and events, our network is an online mainstay for many consumers.

Target the entire network or specific sites. Xpedient offers the latest technology when it comes to targeting your audience and optimizing your online advertising campaign.

Xpedient offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing options for its clients, including traditional impression-based run of site advertising or more targeted campaigns focused toward specific sectors of the Xpedient community.

Campaigns may utilize rich media, contextual ad links, or educational content in order to deliver guaranteed impressions and/or highly qualified leads within the industry.

Interactive Media Solutions

  1. Video pre-roll advertising
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Content sponsorship

Value Proposition

  1. Educated, affluent, and engaged audiences
  2. Ad solutions designed to help advertisers’ meet their marketing objectives

Integrated Opportunities

Editorial Sponsorships:

Editorial sponsorships enable advertisers to engage with users on a deeper level through integration of content, editorial, and promotional features.


  1. Captivate, engage and connect with users on a deeper level
  2. Boost brand awareness
  3. Enhance users’ brand experience

> Targeted audience in Home, Health, Fitness, Travel, Self help, Education, Business, Career and Technology.

Other than our Proprietary websites we have access to over 200 quality selected websites.

We offer personalized, targeted, result oriented solutions. As new media strategies are created, we look forward to working with you on innovative campaigns that may fall outside the listed specifications.

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Please contact us for all your advertising queries:

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