Advertiser FAQ

1. Do you accept affiliate advertising on your site?
Xpedient Digital Media does not encourage or participate in individual affiliate programs.
2. Do you offer a CPC or CPA models of pricing for the banners (advertising)?
Currently we are offering only fixed monthly rates model of pricing for all advertising campaigns. We do not cater to CPA or CPC model of advertising.
3. Do you offer a test run (or) free trial?
We do not have any trial offers or test runs on our banner campaigns. You would be required to purchase our ad space for at least a month.
4. Can you share the monthly visitor statistics?
The Stats section in the Media Kit updates you on the visitor statistics. We accept occasional requests for sharing our analytics too.
5. Do you have social media presence and can we advertise on social pages?
We do have many social media channels and are willing to promote offers and campaigns at nominal costs.
6. Do you offer dedicated email newsletters?
As of now we do not have a system for email newsletter subscriptions and hence do not send out dedicated email newsletters or email alerts.
7. How many advertisements does your home page carry?
The ad density on our homepage is limited to less than 10 per page, no matter what size the banners are.
8. Where would our banner ad be place on the site? Would it be restricted to the home page or rotate through out the site?
Unless the client desires to restrict the presence of the campaign to our home page, by default, we place banner ads on all the pages of the site.
9. Can I have a link integrated in a banner?
Our banners are all static banner which appear as images in the .jpg, .png or .gif. formats. Hence we cannot allow text links or anchors in the banner ads.
10. Can I have a Widget on your site?
Yes, we do accept requests to publish Widgets on some sites.
11. Can I rotate ads in the same ad Space?
We do not allow multiple banners on the same ad space. As our banners are all of the static type we cannot allow flipping of ads on the same space. Instead you could opt for different ad campaigns to be published every month.
12. Where can I expect the Sponsored and Review Posts to be published on the site?
Sponsored and Review posts will be published as part of the normal publishing schedule in one of the relevant categories, and will stay on the home page for about 2-4 weeks.
13. For how long will the Sponsored and Review posts remain on your site? Will they remain as permanent links?
Sponsored and Review Posts are usually permanent and will remain on our site for a minimum of 3 years.
14. Do the sponsored posts come with a yearly pricing option?
Yes, you can purchase sponsored posts on an annual basis also.
15. Do you offer Contextual links?

Yes, we do offer contextual links on existing posts. Contextual links are considered the most powerful type of one-way links. When you ask for contextual links on our sites, you have two options to choose from:

  • You can choose any existing word as an anchor
  • You can choose a new sentence with your anchor text in it
16. Can the text links be enabled with ''do follow''?
Yes, we accept requests to provide ‘do follow links’ subject to our assessment of the advertisement.
17. Do you accept guest articles?
As of now, we do not entertain free articles from external bloggers or guest posts.
18. Do you offer/accept links to poker, porn or pills websites?
No, we do not entertain such links on our sites.
19. Do you offer pre-roll video/custom advertising?
Yes, based on our assessment of the request we do offer pre-roll video and custom advertising options.
20. Do you offer discounted prices, if we purchase bulk advertising or commit for longer periods?

We offer discounted prices on our existing packages based on:

  • The no. of ads you are willing to purchase on our site
  • The no. of months or years of commitment you are willing to invest in us

Depending on these factors you could avail a discount of 5% – 20% on your ad campaigns.

21. Do you have any other sites to advertise?

Xpedient Digital Media owns more than a 100 quality sites spread across various verticals. You are free to choose the site that you would like to advertise on.


The above mentioned FAQs are the most common ones encountered by us and hence we have addressed them on this page. Should you have any other advertiser-related query please feel free to contact us using our ‘contact us’ page. We will gladly assist you.


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